Vascular Surgery & Phlebology

Arterial and venous diseases.Laser and radio-frequency endovenous treatments

Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty dedicated to the management of non-cardiac vascular diseases. These include arterial diseases and venous diseases.

The treatments are done in collaboration with dermatologists, plastic surgeons for an optimized multidisciplinary management.

Arterial disease includes:

Atheromatosis (linked to cholesterol) is responsible for the progressive narrowing of the caliber of the arteries. This leads to a gradual reduction in the irrigation and oxygenation of the muscles or organs on which the vessel in question depends. In the lower limbs, this can lead to walking pain or even ischemia of the muscles involved. The role of the vascular surgeon will be to carry out an assessment and propose treatment adapted to your situation. This may involve medical treatment alone or in combination with surgical techniques such as vascular bypass surgery or angioplasty.

    • During angioplasty, the arterial narrowing is dilated by a balloon introduced by arterial puncture under local or general anesthesia. The gesture can be supplemented by the placement of a stent, a kind of supportive coil that will maintain the dilation achieved by the balloon. These minimally invasive procedures will mostly be performed without incision.
    • The surgical alternative consists of a bypass to bypass the blocked arteries and restore the blood supply in the badly perfused areas. It is a more invasive but well controlled method more adapted to the important lesions not accessible to angioplasty.

Aneurysms, including the aneurysm of the aorta. An aneurysm is a localized dilation of an artery. The risk of aneurysms is the rupture which leads to severe bleeding, or even death. The role of the vascular surgeon will be to carry out an assessment and offer you the treatment adapted to your situation according to the diameter of the aneurysm. It will be either clinical monitoring or surgical treatment adapted to your case (aortic bypass or placement of an aortic endoprosthesis).

Arterial vascular surgery also covers many other areas:

    • Carotid artery surgery,
    • The surgery of the approaches for hemodialysis in the patients requiring the use of an artificial kidney

In venous disease, The vascular surgeon will be led to propose different medical or surgical techniques according to the venous disorders encountered.

    • The surgery of varicose veins of the lower limbs with the use of different techniques adapted to each case.
    • Radio Frequency; Endovenous laser for micro-invasive treatments
    • Pulsed light, Laser, LED for aesthetic discomfort of small superficial veins

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