Doctor Solange Nkonabang - Tigna

Pediatrics - Allergology
Doctor Solange Nkonabang - Tigna

Doctor Solange Nkonabang - Tigna


Doctor Solange Nkonabang Tigna is a paediatrician, specialized in the treatment of childhood allergies.

After studying medicine at the ULB, Dr. Nkonabang Tigna completed her specialization in Pediatrics in Brussels, notably at the Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital (Neurology and Sleep Unit, Urology and Nephrology Unit) and at the Erasmus Hospital ( Neurosurgical and surgical unit, Grand ‘N’ Neonatal Center and Pediatric Intensive and Non Intensive Care Units)

She developed a special affinity for neonatal resuscitation and the follow-up of premature infants, as well as respiratory disorders of the child (premature), followed by training in Pneumo-allergology and Asthma of the child. She is able to carry out allergology assessments: anamnesis, pricks and patch tests, as well as desensitization to various allergens: dogs, cats, mites, birch, grasses, house dust, late and early trees.

She is particularly interested in Polysomnography and ensures the follow-up of children under Sleep Monitoring.

  • General paediatrics: management of leaky gut, management of adolescent metabolic syndrome, vaccination, homeopathy, …
  • Immuno-allergology : Skin tests, allergenic assessment, allergological monitoring, desensitization (mites, grasses, birches, herbaceous plants)
    Follow-up of intolerance, post-eviction food reintroduction.

HEAL Clinic:

Her schedule at the HEAL Clinic:

  • WEDNESDAY from 13:30 till 17:30
  • FRIDAY morning from 8:30 to 12:30

Private practice
6a Place Baudoin 1er
1490 Court Saint Etienne ( Tuesday, wednesday, saturday mornings every other week)
GSM 0486/653104

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