Dear Patients,

The government has taken severe measures necessary to slow the transmission of the coronavirus, particularly to prevent the occurrence of a health care overflow. These measures are not extreme, they are ESSENTIAL! Regularly CHECK OUR NEWS SECTION FOR USEFUL INFORMATION!

Our staff has been put on temporary UNEMPLOYMENT for economic reasons and public health safety.
All routine visits have been postponed or cancelled; Check our website at regular intervals for updates
Email communication will be intermittent and unreliable.


URGENT CARE will be provided by our gynecologists for selected situations exclusively:
– pregnancy follow-up, urgent cancer or pre-cancer care, diseases requiring urgent care (infections, pain, bleeding, …) In such cases, appointments will be available for Dr Norgaard, Ben Youssef and Dr Préat. Each time an appointment is scheduled, your doctor will contact you to validate your appointment date and time. Individual communication methods will be put in place to ensure continuity of care without specifically needing physical visits (video conferencing).
If you have symptoms suggestive of an influenza-like illness / covid-19, you are asked to contact your general practitioner and to refrain from contact with other people as far as possible. DO NOT COME TO THE HEAL CLINIC IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES!

INSTRUCTIONS for your visit at the HEALCLINIC:
– Please come ALONE, unaccompanied and
Respect the recommended hygiene measures (respect for distances, no direct physical contact, hand washing prior to and after your visit, wear a mask or a scarf, reduce face contact). The staff will guide you if necessary.

We thank you for the time spent reading this message and for respecting these instructions! Together we will defeat the coronavirus!

Dr Christian Norgaard, Director