HIFU Focalized Ultrasound skin Lifting by ULVERIN (a service provided by Biotech-Growth Belgium sprl)

HIFU ( High Intensity Focalized Ultrasound )

The ULVERIN system is an exceptional technological breakthrough and unique in its treatment of skin aging. It is the only non-surgical procedure approved by the highly rigorous Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for lifting eyelids / eyebrows, the oval of the face, neck, décolleté, arms, belly, the inside of the thighs and the improvement of the neckline wrinkles. This micro-focused ultrasound treatment makes it possible, without any convalescence, to firm the face and redefine its contours.

This fairly recent treatment is intended to fight against loosening of the skin of the face. It uses high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU.
It is a very safe medical technique, the subject of numerous scientific publications, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA and whose effectiveness is recognized worldwide.

NB This technique gives no volume to the face, it only proceeds to restore tension to loosened tissues.

HIFU uses ultrasonic energy whose impacts will act on every layer of the skin. The new machines we have are much more powerful than the previous ones and allow us to work at different depths:

4.5 mm (muscles or fat depending on the area), 3mm (deep dermis)
1.5 mm (epidermis).

Thus, the fibroblasts of the skin will produce more collagen which will restore firmness but also elastin fibers that will give a better tone to the skin.

We always go from the deepest going up to the upper layers of the epidermis, from the inside to the outside.

It is also possible, in case of a strong double chin or big cheeks, to treat the hypodermis, that is to say the fat, to a depth of 6mm.

Course of a HIFU ultrasound session

After questioning, we agree on the area to be treated. Then an ultrasound gel is applied so that the ultrasound penetrates well into the skin. With a handpiece, a number of well-defined lines will be drawn.

The device sends impacts at different skin depths: 4.5mm, 3mm, 1.5mm. Each impact creates a point of retraction of the skin which is thus stimulated in depth and on the surface.

This session is almost painless, with tingling sensations. It lasts between 45 minutes and 60 minutes when it comes to taking the oval of a face, a little less if it is only to raise the eyebrows . No bruises, no swelling are to be feared at the end of the session. The skin is just a little pink but visibly more relaxed and firmer.

In principle, a session is enough to reshape the oval of a face but in case of significant skin sagging, it is possible to do a second session 6 weeks after the first.


What are the best indications?

We recommend this technique in case of:

Skin loosening of the entire face, especially the oval and to attenuate a double chin and jowls
Slackening of the neck and décolleté
Eyelids drooping, sagging eyebrows
Malar pouches (edema localized on the cheekbones).
This treatment can be performed on women as well as men, on all types and phototypes of skin. It can be realized in all seasons, the solar exposure is not annoying neither before nor after the care.

Facial rejuvenation by High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a medical technique, now developed that can only be practiced by specialized physicians and their trained staff.

For which results?
The results, already visible at the end of the session improve over time because the fat cells are permanently destroyed after several weeks and stimulated fibroblasts react only after 60 to 90 days. The lifting effect is accentuated from week to week. It becomes optimum after three months and lasts two years on average.

Contra-indications of focused ultrasound

This treatment is contraindicated in case of

Skin lesions
Permanent and non-absorbable fillers
Disturbances of the coagulation system or the taking of anticoagulant drugs.
Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Autoimmune diseases and connective tissue diseases.
Presence of electrical implant in the body

The opinion of AFME (French Association of Aesthetic Medicine)

HIFUs can enhance features without the need for fillers. Without social exclusion, injected foreign bodies, without skin breakage, it is a low risk technique.

To have a more satisfactory result, 2 sessions are necessary. It is more difficult to obtain results if the skin is very relaxed with a very marked ptosis of tissues

What is the difference between Radio Frequency and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound?

ULVERIN technology is the only existing procedure that has led to rigorous clinical studies and has been FDA-approved for the non-surgical facelift in the face, neck and body.

Thermage is a high energy radiofrequency device, the ULVERIN device allows to work more precisely and much more in depth.
Low-energy radiofrequency devices help to maintain the result with ULVERIN.

The indicative rates are

For malar pockets 300 € / session
To open the eyes 500 € / session
To reduce a double chin between 500 € and 700 € / session depending on the surface to be treated.
To put in tension an oval of the face between 700 € and 900 € / session according to the surface to be treated.
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