Nutrition dietetics

Diet, Sports nutrition, Diabetic nutrition

Nutrition addresses the links between diet and health. Transformed into nutrients, the ingested foods allow the body to function normally. As a true health professional, the dietician applies the science of nutrition to food, educating groups and individuals, and allowing diets to be adapted to the needs of people, healthy or sick.


Armed with sound scientific training in nutrition and food composition, the dietician is a true food specialist, considering dietetics as a science that studies diet in all its details and its implications on health. Thanks to his scientific, psychological and practical training, he ensures liaison between doctors, paramedics, food professionals and the public. He follows his patients in hospitals or in private practice, but can also practice in crèches, homes, or in the private sector.


There are several reasons why a patient may consult a nutritionist: Excess weight, obesity, anorexia, insufficient weight, malnutrition, eating disorders, improvement of digestive and cardiovascular health, diabetes, pregnant or menopausal diet, athlete’s nutrition, smoking cessation, food allergies and intolerances, vegetarianism and vegetalism, fatigue or chronic inflammation …


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