Hypnosis in 3 sessions to prepare you for childbirth with Pierre Meuleman

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During the first session, I will first of all listen to the expectations that you might already have, to your objective and I will identify with you how the state of hypnosis, the techniques and approaches that relate to it will be able to be useful to you. Everyone is different, each life situation is different. We will deal with classic themes such as the management of anxieties, fears, stress and also pain management. The first experiences of the hypnosis state will be discovered gradually so that you can already re-practice some of the first techniques/tools at home in complete autonomy and learn how to do it.


In the second session, we will start by taking stock of what has already happened since the first session, how you have already reacted well to the implementation, practice of these first few techniques and natural mechanisms. We will then continue and adapt according to your progress since the first session. New techniques are used to help you complete your approach and meet your needs to promote a birth in the best conditions. We will use different approaches to pain management, reconnecting with the body’s natural ability to create a feeling of anesthesia in the body.


During the 3rd session, we will adjust, clarify, adapt these and other techniques if necessary according to your previous progress and also to your particular needs. 



Subsequent sessions are possible because in fact, the basic childbirth accompaniment is proposed through 3 sessions put as each person is unique, the accompaniment can also continue on request to learn how to manage different situations that you would like to learn to manage better. 

As situations or life problems that may have existed before, stories from the past that you are reliving, reactions, emotions, sensations and feelings that you find difficult to manage or other things that may disturb you in your daily life and that you have decided to take care of.

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