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Physiotherapy is the art of healing through movement. This paramedical discipline uses gymnastics, massages and mobilization to help patients regain their abilities following trauma (sprain, fracture, …) or muscle and osteo-articular pain.

With a physicians’ prescription, physiotherapists relieve the patients’ locomotor, neurological or respiratory affections. True specialists in rehabilitation, they are called upon to cure all types of patients; From the child to the adult, to the elderly and high-level sportsmen and women.

Often necessary and always beneficial, physiotherapists improve physical fitness, health and well-being .

Every human being, both men and women, has a perineum; It is the group of muscles of the pelvis which ensures, among other things, a good continence and the good support of the internal organs. It may be that after a certain time, the perineum weakens or suffers trauma as a result of surgery, pregnancy, birthing, or simply because of the passage of time. Fortunately, like any other group of muscles, the perineum works and can be strengthened so that it can resume its principal functions. It is in this capacity that perineal physiotherapy is very useful for both men and women.

Sometimes, physiotherapy does not completely correct the disorders for which the patient is treated. In this case, the physiotherapist will be able, in full collaboration with the doctor, to help you by suggesting new treatment options. Through this multidisciplinary approach, the patient receives advice tailored to his condition.


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