Perinatal psychology

Coaching catered to parenthood and family coaching
The emerging and thriving discipline of perinatal psychology concerns the period surrounding the birth of a child: from conception to the first months of the baby’s life through the process of birth and the emergence of early parent-child relationships .The perinatal psychologist accompanies parents during prenatal diagnosis or the announcement of a malformation or a decision to terminate a pregnancy or the loss of a fetus.The perinatal field also implies, even earlier, the clinic of infertility, follow-up in IVF, pregnancies at risk.

After the birth, the psychologist accompanies the new parents (father and / or mother) in the emotional rearrangement brought about by the birth of their child (ren). He also accompanies them in their child’s encounter, especially when the first bond of attachment is difficult to get together.
In all these complex life situations, parents need to be supported and recognized in what they are going through. The prenatal psychologist works for a humanized birth, he accompanies you towards parenthood by supporting your own skills in order to find harmony in your parenting project. Building confidence in one’s own resources is not an obvious approach for all women. Just like, it is not obvious for all men to take a proactive role in pregnancy.
In support of fertility, the psychologist proposes to the parent (s) a place to reappropriate their body and their well-being and allows them to live this period of waiting as serenely as possible.
As an accompaniment to the first links, he walks alongside you to promote and re-establish the relationship between you and your child.

Deontology – The psychologist is bound by professional secrecy: all that is said and shared in consultation is confidential.

Reimbursement by mutual societies:

  • Partenamut
    Provide Partenamut with the form document or a statement of fees completed by the therapist with the following information: identity of the beneficiary, identity of the provider, quality of the service provider, nature of the service, date of the service, amount
    Christian Mutuality
  • The Mutualité Chrétienne reimburses psychological consultations up to € 15 per session, with a maximum ceiling of € 180 per year per person.


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