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Kinesiology - Stress management
Laetitia Absalon

Laetitia Absalon


Laetitia Absalon is a specialized kinesiologist trained at IBK (Belgian Institute of Kinesiology). She favors a bodily and holistic support approach aimed at managing stress in children, adolescents and adults alike. She uses many techniques and tools that work mechanically on the blockages inscribed in the body as a result of our reactions to stress and emotions. Her work aims to restore a good flow of cellular information, deep relaxation and general well-being. This helps to release temporary or old stress, to change our limiting belief systems in order to improve our physical, mental and relational daily life.

Laetitia ABSALON moved into kinesiology by integrating IBK and trained as a professional kinesiologist. She is a certified practitioner of La Trame, Family Constellations and Cofasy systems (B. Hellinger).

She has also trained in psycho-body work in a hot pool. She works with several kinesiology techniques such as One Brain, SIPS, Applied Physiology, LEAP but also with her many training courses and tools acquired through her professional and personal experience. She specializes in psycho-corporal support for the manifestations of stress, whatever its nature or origin.

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  • Harmonize the flow of cellular information
  • Regulate our emotions
  • Changing our obsolete belief systems
  • Improve posture, energy, sleep
  • Find your initial vibration, be positive
  • Release muscular and emotional tensions, blockages
  • Recover motivation, desires …
  • Support the emotional impact of a temporary or chronic illness, a surgical operation …
  • Regain self-confidence
  • Manage stressful situations, anxiety

HEAL Clinic:

  • FRIDAY from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM

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