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The combination of Labco and synlab has made the new SYNLAB Group the market leader in laboratory services in Europe. Combining the Europe-wide network and extensive range of diagnostic tests of both companies, SYNLAB now offers reliable and local laboratory services in more than 30 countries.

Dr Bartl Wimmer, former CEO and one of the founders of synlab, was appointed CEO of the new Group and leads the international laboratory organisation including regional basic laboratories, centres of excellence in specialist diagnostics as well as hospital laboratories.

How can top-class diagnostic laboratory resources be organised most effectively to provide fast, reliable and high-quality services to our customers? As the largest European laboratory service provider, SYNLAB gives the answer to this question on a daily basis.

At the HEAL Clinic, we collect samples daily until 11am. The SYNLABlaboratory ensures the processing and the rapid analysis of samples of various origins:

  • Blood test
  • Metabolic reports
  • Hyperglycemia tests
  • Analysis of urine, stool and bacteriological samples from various sources
  • Allergy tests
  • Prenatal testing including prenatal non-invasive testing for chromosomal abnormalities
  • Anatomo-pathological examinations

During Pregnancy, various samples will be taken as part of the follow-up of the pregnancy

  • General blood tests
  • Urine examinations and vaginal bacteriology
  • Cervical screening cytology
  • Screening for trisomy 21
  • Pre-epidural tests


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