Gynecology - Obstetrics - Infertility

Gynecology-Obstetrics, Ultrasound, Gynecological Surgery and Laser

Gynecology and obstetrics is a varied specialty, encompassing both medical and surgical management of the various problems a woman may encounter in areas that affect the gynecological sphere (uterus, ovaries, vagina, vulva) and her breasts.


Follow-up in Obstetrics & gynecology includes: cancer screening, contraception, hormonal treatments, infertility work-up and treatment, gynaecological and pregnancy ultrasound, surgery (classic, vaginal, endoscopic, laser, esthetic)

This of course includes obstetrics, a subspecialty in its own right, whose function is the follow-up and care of the pregnant woman until the happy ending of her pregnancy. Several professionals have been brought together to optimize follow-up in a more holistic approach (physiotherapists, midwives, nutritionist, psychologists, pediatrician, … all collaborate to that effect) .


The services offered by the gynecologists are carried out in full collaboration with all the professionals of the HEAL Clinic in a global approach.

This is how unique innovative treatments can be offered within our premises (eg our FEMILIFT Laser treatments …)

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