Laura Raedts

Physiotherapist specialised in pelvic floor reeducation
Laura Raedts

Laura Raedts


Mrs. Raedts is a trained physiotherapist specialized in pre-natal physiotherapy, as well as in perineal rehabilitation.

She also practices pediatric respiratory physiotherapy, general motor physiotherapy for children and adults.

Finally, Laura performs invigorating or relaxing massages.

Mrs. Raedts completed her training in general kinesitherapy with numerous training courses and trainings in Brussels, Louvain-La-Neuve and Paris. Beyond the classical care she mastered, she specialized in pre-natal physiotherapy, as well as in perineal rehabilitation.

Ms. Raedts prepares women for childbirth and follows up with young mothers and their babies. She also practices pediatric respiratory physiotherapy.

For the well-being of her patients, Laura performs invigorating or relaxing massages. Problems with heavy legs or edema in the legs are treated effectively with beneficial lymphatic drainage. On request, she prepares and coaches with a personalized fitness program.

Finally, Ms Raedts has acquired a long experience with seniors to enable them to remain mobile and independent and has taken charge of the psychomotor development of children with invalidities or behavioral disorders.

Always listening to her patients, Laura Raedts helps them feel better in their bodies.

General physiotherapy – Treatment in traumatology or “classical” orthopedics.
In case of sprain or fracture, I will do everything possible through precise massages, mobilizations and exercises, so that you recover your mobility quickly and totally.

  • Lymphatic Drainage – Immediately after an operation or if you have a feeling of heavy legs, lymphatic drainage may be necessary. It is a superficial massage that increases the circulation of the lymphatic fluid and evacuates toxins. This action is very effective in relieving the sensations of heaviness in the body.
  • Pediatric Respiratory Therapy – In case of bronchiolitis or other diseases of the respiratory system of your child, I will help you to free its airways in order to facilitate his breathing.
  • Massage – The time that is missing for everything, the pressure at work, the daily stress, the entourage that demands attention, … These are all reasons that often do not allow you to take time for yourself.
    However, it is essential that you can keep moments just for you, moments of relaxation and well-being … Let yourself be inspired by the wisdom of Buddha, who tells us that “Learning to let go is the key to happiness”.
    So why not recharge your batteries by enjoying the benefits of a 30 or 60 minute relaxing massage? Nothing like a massage given by a professional able to discern the points of tension to feel totally reenergized …
    And if you wish, you can offer this moment of relaxation to one of your loved ones by opting for the “Gift voucher” presented at the reception.

Perineal and perinatal physiotherapy

  • Preparing for childbirth – In order to serenely enjoy your pregnancy and to prepare your body as best as possible for your future childbirth, it is important to attend sessions of prenatal physiotherapy.
    During 4 to 6 sessions, prospective parents are invited to follow these sessions which will guide them during the end of pregnancy and prepare them for delivery. Your physiotherapist will give you advice and answer your questions and will help you overcome your anxieties.
    The future mother may benefit from one or several massages or relaxation sessions.
    Finally, if you wish and time permitting, your physiotherapist can accompany you during your childbirth.
  • Postnatal Physiotherapy – Four to six weeks after the birth of your child, it is essential that you make an appointment with your physiotherapist to follow a postnatal program. This will allow you to re-harmonize the muscles that relaxed during the nine months of pregnancy. Thus, your physiotherapist will offer you a series of exercises to strengthen your perineum and your abdominal core. These sessions will be beneficial both in the short and in the long term.
  • Perineal rehabilitation – Whether it is to treat urinary incontinence, constipation, sexual dysharmonies, perineal rehabilitation can help.

Through exercises of the perineum, more general exercises or simply advice, your physiotherapist will accompany you so that you no longer feel any discomfort related to your perineum.

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