Doctor Antoine Le Cain

Anesthesist - Pain clinic
Doctor Antoine Le Cain

Doctor Antoine Le Cain


In 2005, Dr. Le Cain obtained his doctorate from the faculty of medicine of Lille II, option “general medicine, emergency medicine and childbirth”.
He practices in emergency medicine and intensive care before joining the Faculty of Medicine of Brussels (ULB) in 2006 to become a medical specialist in anesthesia resuscitation.
He practices anesthesia in European institutions, public and private, expanding his academic and clinical experience with professors of international renown.
His experience in these different areas of medicine gives him a comprehensive and integrative approach to his specialty in anesthesia, and gives him an open mind to new approaches to his daily practice with his patients.

Dr. Le Cain has been working in the CHIREC Hospitals network at Braine l’Alleud-Waterloo since 2015.

During his university studies, Dr. Le Cain obtained international diplomas useful to his daily medical practice:

  • Interuniversity Diploma in Obstetrical Analgesia from the Faculty of Paris (Diderot University, Prof. Dan Benhamou)
  • Algology, acute and chronic pain medicine (UCL inter-university diploma, associating 7 faculties of medicine in Belgium, Pr A. Berquin & Pr B. Morlion)
  • Diploma in loco-regional anesthesia assisted by ultrasound (Faculty of Rouen, Pr Vincent Compère)
  • Diploma in medical hypnosis applied to anesthesia (Kremlin Bicêtre Faculty of Paris, Prof. Dan Benhamou)

He participates in the initial training of postgraduate doctors and conducts continuing education sessions in his areas of interest (algology, maternity, hypnosis and neuroscience) with his fellow doctors (gynecologists, orthopedists, general practitioners …) as well as his nursing and midwifery colleagues.

  • Consultations of anesthesia and analgesia during pregnancy
    • Accompaniment of the future mother in her career and her choice of analgesic method during her delivery (conventional or alternative),
    • Detailed explanations of the different possibilities of management of pain related to birth in the delivery room,
    • Preparation for a serene reception of the baby in the hospital world by the parental couple.
  • Algology Consultations – Acute and Chronic Pain Medicine
    • Consultations of specialized opinion in algology. Management of regional pain syndromes, complex regional pain syndromes and chronic pain in patients whose quality of life is impaired,
    • Opinion before possible specialized management of infiltrative types during lumbar and cervical pain (epidural analgesics, foraminal infiltrations, facet infiltrations, thermocoagulation and neuro-modulation). This activity is coupled with his practice in the hospital of Braine l’Alleud, where he has the posibility to receive you quickly in case of acute pain refractory to conventional medical treatment.
  • Conventional preoperative consultations. Preparation and perioperative information before any type of surgery.
  • Preoperative consultations and advice for patients with severe medical history and treatment.
  • Post-anesthetic debriefing consultation in case of perceived difficulty (physical or psychological) during the perioperative period.

HEAL Clinic:

  • TUESDAY from 8h30 to 12:30
  • TUESDAY from 13:30 to 17:30

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